Dear Santa, send space doggy dog to save us all


Gabriella Backus

Illustration by Gabriella Backus

Beautiful Armstrong

Dear Santa, 

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more excited I am for my gift because I know I’ll receive the dog from outer space that I’ve been asking for.  We both know it’s a great idea and if we might have a chance to save the world, we should take it. I remember when I first found out about space doggy dog: I was doing research on the universe and came across a dog that got lost in space. Everyone found out about the abilities the dog picked up and wants him to themselves, though not for good reasons.

 I, on the other hand, want him for everyone, to save us. I have reason to believe space doggy dog is our answer to all the Covid problems we’ve been having. All I need from you is to get him for me so I can plant him like a tree; when that’s finished there will be millions of them all over the world. They hold the missing part of the cure everyone needs to survive. They have an immune system that we humans simply don’t have, and they can pass that on to us. they can help us. So what do you say Santa, wanna try to save the world? Get me the space doggy dog and we can.

Thank you for your time. I’ll be writing to you again soon.

Beautiful Armstrong