Dear Santa, bring my BTS Buddy back


Gabriella Backus

Illustration by Gabriella Backus

Ariel Davila-Sanchez

Dear Santa, 

I never thought there would be a year where I don’t ask for BTS merch or art supplies, but this is the year. At the beginning of the quarantine, I was thriving. I was vibing. I could breathe. I began loving myself more than I ever have in my entire life. I started working out, lost weight, began my vegetarian journey and I finally got to dye my hair. Thank you TikTok. Oh and hint: Cruella De Vil and I are twins now. Covid has really been bad for my family emotionally. My cousin has been my biggest  supporter, and hanging out with her has saved me from completely breaking down.

Recently, my tío and my grandmother both contracted Covid-19, so now I can’t hang out with my cousin, aka  my BTS Buddy. I haven’t been going out, and she only lives down the street from me. Before my family got Covid, we would hang out all the time in our houses and watch BL Thai dramas.  Now that my family has Covid, her family will not let her hang out with my family, because we are supposedly unsafe. My family always wears masks, and only go out when they need to go shopping. We have quarantined for more than a month, but now her family will not let us hang out until Corona is fully gone. Santa, I’m not asking you to cure Covid-19. I’m just asking for my BTS Buddy back.


Ariel Davila-Sanchez