Dear Santa, make 2021 a better year

Dominic Navarro

Hey Santa!

So, as you can tell, our world is pretty much in ruins and stuff like that. It really sucks.  I would like to wish for a much better 2021, both personally and globally.  Please let the vaccine actually help and improve the current situation we are in.  I don’t just mean the vaccine either.  I want better politicians (ones that genuinely care for this nation).  I’ve read and learned a lot about American History and honestly, the current politicians don’t deserve to lead what could potentially be a decent country.  I just want to go back to when I was like 9 or 8 and I was careless but clearly that’s impossible so the least I could do is hope. 


Dominic Navarro

P.S. A new Twenty One Pilots album would be quite pleasing as well 🙂