Dear Santa: keep my family safe and healthy


Gabriella Backus

Illustration by Gabriella Backus

Benjamin Tran

Dear Santa,

Alright Santa or Saint Nick or Mr. Clause or whatever you prefer to go by.  You already know that I’ve never written to you in all of my 16 years of life on this dreadful planet.  What do you expect from me?  You see, I don’t exactly see the appeal of asking some man on the North Pole for presents and waiting for them to break into my home and possibly drop off the aforementioned presents under the Christmas tree and then leaving after EATING MY COOKIES.  Seriously, do not touch my food.  

Anyways, you’re probably wondering why I decided to write this year and I’m asking myself that exact same question.  If we’re being honest, this year has been seriously rough.  I don’t know if some psychopath asked for a global pandemic for Christmas last year, but we got one.  Yup, the coronavirus was our Christmas present and I’m so not grateful for all the deaths and tragedy and misery that came with the virus.  Now I know you might not be as affected by Covid-19 since you live up in the north pole where barely anyone lives and social distancing doesn’t seem as hard as let’s say almost all of the counties in California (by the way, you should probably disinfect all of the letters you receive this year).  This pandemic has affected my life and other lives in more ways than I could have ever thought, so I guess I’m writing this letter because I really need some hope.

I don’t feel that I’m asking for much, but I wish good health for all of my family and friends, I wish that people severely affected can find some happiness and peace in these chaotic times and for the icing on the cake, I’d like if you could smack some common sense into anyone who doesn’t take Covid-19 seriously and further harms others with the spread of the virus (of course, wear a glove when doing such acts and dispose of it afterwards for safety).  

What I’m asking for isn’t something physical and can’t be done within a night. I don’t even know why I asked you, but that’s my wishlist and I guess your help would be appreciated.


Benjamin Tran