Dear Santa: get old white men out of politics


Gabriella Backus

Illustration by Gabriella Backus

Jenessa Serrano

Dear Santa, 

Please get these old, white men out of politics. I mean no offense, but seriously, why is it we are always choosing between Mr.Old and Mr.Older? There are tons of people who are more qualified to have run for President than let’s say, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. For example, there’s AOC, Bernie Sanders (he may be white and old too, but he had common sense), and even Miley Cyrus would’ve been a better choice! I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to have Talking Orange out of office, but Joe Biden isn’t so squeaky clean either. Anyways, I just really think we need some better leadership down here, you at least have Mrs.Claus to keep you in check from making life-threatening choices like canceling Christmas–I mean it kinda is canceled with Ms.Rona and all, but you get the point. Ouuu and get this, we made these basic human decency laws as I like to call them, pretty clever right ;), to follow and the same people who made ‘em are trying to break them. What the heck!! They also said we have to have religion separate from politics, yet they are trying to get rid of gay marriage. Why do others even care who can marry whom? Mind ya business and move on, close your eyes if you have to! Jeez, Santa can you just like, slap some sense into these ding dongs? You know what, add that to my list, please. Well, I got to go to a protest right now, but please ponder over my requests. Thank you for your time!

Your favorite bleeding heart liberal<3

Jenessa Serrano

P.S. leave some cookies for me this time, it took me two hours to make them and you never let me try my creations.