Bruin Voice’s annual Naughty or Nice list


Alex Bussey

Infographic by Alex Bussey


  • LUSD Board member Ron Heberle for holding his Christmas party during a pandemic, with no plans to wear masks or social distance.
  • Teachers who force students to share their political beliefs and then turn around and criticize students whose views differ from their own.
  • CA governor Gavin Newsom for attending a party at a winery despite insisting that people shouldn’t go out.
  • 2020.  Enough said.
  • People who wear their masks below their noses.  That defeats the purpose, dummies.
  • Teachers who force students to sit on zoom calls when they’re doing independent work.  Double points for teachers who do this and leave their mics on.
  • People and corporations that have profited off of the pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people without doing anything to help.
  • Anti-maskers.  Wear a damn mask people!
  • People who go to parties during a pandemic.
  • People who hoard toilet paper.
  • The gender reveal party that started a forest fire.
  • Anyone who isn’t following @bruinvocenews on instagram.



  • Mrs. Duffel for working with the newspaper staff as we try to navigate the world of online journalism and work through a pandemic.
  • Online shopping, for keeping us sane in these trying times.
  • People who know how to wear their masks properly and social distance.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine.  We can’t wait to meet you.
  • Healthcare workers who risk their lives every day to help us.  Y’all are real ones.
  • Readers like you who appreciate our work as a newspaper and take time out of your day to read our stories made of (sanitized) blood, sweat and tears.
  • Bear Creek teachers who have had to adjust to distance learning.  It hasn’t been easy, but we know you’re doing your best.
  • Delivery drivers for helping us all stay connected to each other.
  • Streaming services for giving us on-demand entertainment.
  • The “Some Good News” Series by John Krasinski for being so wholesome and uplifting.
  • Record-high voter turnout in the 2020 election.  Way to do your civic duty, folks!
  • Taylor Swift, for releasing two new albums during quarantine.
  • People who put closed captions on their tiktoks.