Student athletes end year with challenges and successes after COVID-filled season

Dominic Navarro

Taking weekly COVID tests, cancelling playoff games, choosing between two different sports for dual athletes and having their season prematurely snatched from them due to quarantining are just a few reasons this season has been a bust for many athletes.

Although most athletes were happy just to have a season to play, with every sport being condensed into two seasons, dual-sport athletes were forced to make difficult decisions. 

“It was tough and devastating when I found out I couldn’t run track and do basketball at the same time,” dual athlete Angelina Morga, a junior, said, “I’m just doing cross country and basketball.”

Another challenge athletes faced was the COVID guidelines themselves, which differed for outside and indoor sports. Athletes participating in indoor sports, such as basketball and wrestling, had to take weekly COVID tests on either a Tuesday or a Thursday, and both days for game days. Meanwhile, athletes in outside sports did not have to take weekly COVID tests, but they did have to wear masks during practices and games. Some athletes were confused on what days they had to take tests, and some sports teams had to take their indoor practices outside. 

“I think it’s kinda stupid that only indoor sports have to test,” volleyball player Skylar Bush, a junior, said. “I think no matter what sport, you should test regardless because you’re gonna be in close proximity with anyone no matter if you’re indoor or outdoor.” 

Even more disappointing, some teams found their season prematurely cancelled. 

Both the JV and Varsity boys basketball teams had to cancel the remainder of their season due to a player on the team testing positive, leading both teams to quarantine for at least 10 days prior.  Many players were devastated. 

“I was heartbroken, like it really hurt,” basketball player Anthony Maldonaldo, a senior, said. “We were all sad at first but then we realized there’s more to life, it all happens for a reason.”

Photo courtesy of Darcy Altheide

As the year wraps up, athletes and coaches say they are just glad to have a season and for some teams, it was a successful season.

The girls varsity volleyball team went undefeated in its season and the boys tennis team earned a league title for its season.

Both coaches and athletes agree that Athletic Director Darcy Altheide and her assistant Kathryn Mahan-Loya had a huge hand in organizing these events and making them possible; Altheide also provided photos of each sports team to the yearbook, helping to make sure their season was captured forever in photos.

“We’re happy for our athletes,” Altheide said. “Happy they got a chance to play.”


Contributors: Amara Del Prato, Truong-Anh Nguyen-Tan, Allison Lee