Dear Santa: if Kanye can do it, so can you


Lily Quilon

Dear Santa,

Bring me a Sony – 18-200mm m/3.5-6.3 Power Zoom E-Mount Standard Zoom Lens – Black this Christmas. Now I understand that this camera lens is nearly $2,200 but, your privileged white man fund had to have come in handy at some point. I mean you must have on; how else can you possibly afford to supply presents to every child in the world. Then again, you have to rob me of my carrots and cookies instead of just consuming your own, so you may not be able to bring me this expensive ask. 

I have no real use for this camera lens as I can count the number of times it would be useful on one hand; how many bugs and tiny flowers are there for me to take pictures of anyway? It’s true that I want to pursue photography professionally but I consider myself a portrait photographer, not one that captures bugs and other unimportant finds. 

Before you say anything about photojournalism being an unstable and underpaying profession, I understand that. But I have been told countless times by countless people that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. Whether this statement is true or not is something I would love to find out. Tell me, Santa, do you love being able to only work one day a year? That is unless you count watching small children 24/7 as part of your job. I digress, I also ask you to bring me a job that makes me feel like I’m not even working.

Now, I know both of these things are borderline unrealistic, but Kanye gave Kim K Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Adidas, and Disney stocks for Christmas. If Kanye can do it so can you. Thank you for your consideration, Mr. Claus.

From your favorite aspiring-artist-non-believer,

Lily Quilon