Dear Santa: don’t forget my PS5


Ryan Bustos

Dear Santa,

I can’t believe the year’s almost over. It’s getting colder, I’m a year older, but I’m still your soldier. You’re my hero because you always bring me that assist, so once again we’re back at zero, here we go, my Christmas list. I won’t be greedy or needy or ask you for too much. I Just want one thing and I hope you still have that magic touch ‘cause getting me this present is the only thing keeping me alive. Dear Santa Claus, bring me a PS5. 

I tried to buy one at Wal-Mart, running around the shopping mall like I was Paul Blart. I even tried to buy one on sale, but the thing is that they’re all sold out. Yo, I even went to GameStop, but then I was like “Wait, stop. Santa Clause can make one, the man gots his own workshop.” 

I know you probably get this every day, but you have a cool hat. I love that movie you did with Will Ferrell, man, Elf was phat. Anyways, I love all the things you do. Don’t forget to get my gift, I believe in you. 

Truly yours,