Dear Santa: my future scares me


Dominic Navarro

Dear Santa,

I want a better future for myself. I think about my future every day. I strive to be the best editor I can be for the paper that I’ve come to love. I try to learn as much as I can as an editor to be the best I can in command for the next year. I often try to envision the next year. It helps me live. There is a little concern in the back of my mind for where I am left in my classes. Will I succeed in pushing my grades? Or will I flunk my finals and tank those same grades I have worked so hard on for almost a full six months? Will I pass my driver’s license exam, or will I cry after losing the competition of motor wheels? It’s difficult to think about the unknowns because things are so questionable. My future scares me. The thoughts go beyond the immediate future. Will I regret the decision to go to community college? Will I go to a decent university? Will I have a successful career in journalism? Will I be a good writer? Am I a good writer? Maybe. My peers think I am, something I may or may not agree with. I just wish to be a good lead next year for the same paper that I so hopefully anticipate will exist. That idea is already scaring me. Anyways, thank you for your time man, and stop coming into my house at night just to eat my cookies, okay? You’ve done that for 16 years straight.

(P.S. I really hope I’m able to go to the Olivia Rodrigo tour next year.)

Your favorite problem child,