Dear Santa: i want to exploit my passion for money


Grace Gremel

Dear Santa,

I wanna be an actress.  Wait, wait, don’t freak out, I promise I have some talent.  I might not be cast because I’m short and not a total stick in terms of frame, but I have some heart in my performances I promise.  I’m mildly charismatic so people will put up with me in interviews.  I admittedly have to work on being more concise and focused in my responses — someone who jumps from topic to topic like a rabid monkey on trees isn’t overly marketable.  Yes, acting is one of the most flakey careers in society, but I want to surrender myself to creative experiences.  I also will now be risking my financial stability for the forever-fleeting chance that a creative experience will be completely fulfilling as well as be my big break.  I have no idea if I’ll end up owning a condo in Chicago or slowly dying in a rickety New York apartment; but I’m willing to take that risk.  Not to mention the risk of everything failing and I spend my nights sleeping on and getting kicked off of park benches in Boston, and my days waiting tables for the demanding gluttonous masses, my life spent going from audition to audition to audition.  Something might work out.  As the orphan used to glorify the horrible circumstances of the Great Depression, Annie, once said, “The sun will come out tomorrow.”  Unless it’s raining.

Sure, Santa, there is a possibility that my life will be a never-ending purgatory of seeking validation or a casting agent who happens to like me enough to put me into a music video, play, or movie, but at least I’ll spend my life exploiting my passion for money. 

Ah yes, the sweet smell of capitalism,

Grace Gremel