Ball Talk with Brandon: Benefits of clinics


Brandon Miramontes, Sports Editor

Although most high school athletes say they play for the fun of the sport, others have a great deal more riding on their efforts: scholarships. But how do high school athletes stand out and really improve their skills during practice when coaches are already coaching dozens of other teammates?

Average high school athletes who aspire to be a premier athlete and avoid the plateau — caused by a small coach to athlete ratio — have become increasingly interested in the industry of private trainers and athletic clinics.

Most athletes reach a point in high school where they’re unable to improve fast enough. One coach can only take one athlete so far.

To reach the elite level of scholarship offers, student athletes need to be top notch and diligently seek the help and training necessary to reach that level. Clinics, private coaches and other means of training can be found throughout California.

One example of a northern California sports clinics is the Quick Six Premier Passing Challenge, a basketball clinic in Sacramento, which costs $350 for a team of six high school athletes. One obstacle in finding a premier training session or elite camp is transportation. Most of the training field camps tend to be concentrated around universities with top ranked athletes, while others are in regions where the weather cooperates nicely year round.

Many of the private coaches in California have a degree in exercise science or kinesiology or were former high school athletes. By utilizing their education, the private coaches are able to know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done to prepare an athlete’s body to get the most out of training.

Private coaches and clinics offer a place for athletes to discover their potential, as well as provide continuous mentorship.

With the mentorship private coaches provide, athletes avoid plateauing and see continuous improvement. Also, athletes can learn a variety of new techniques and strategies for a number of game-time and competition situations. Private coaches also seek to build an athlete’s confidence, an important aspect of being successful.

Finally, private coaches hope that their athletes become healthier and experience an increase in overall fitness by becoming stronger, quicker, more flexible, better conditioned and mentally tougher.

Although private coaching and clinics can provide an edge for some athletes,  only a few high school athletes grow enough to receive scholarships from sports.

Though success isn’t guaranteed, high school athletes shouldn’t be discouraged. Clinics and private coaching provide an edge, and why would an athlete rob themselves of an opportunity at success?