Sophomore Precious Younger: key player on the lady Bruins basketball varsity team

I just love the competition, giving it my all and seeing the outcome. —Sophomore Precious Younger

“I just love the competition, giving it my all and seeing the outcome.” —Sophomore Precious Younger

Jessica Nguyen , Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

With only seconds to spare, she races down the court to make the last winning point. With a ton of pressure on her shoulders, she shoots—and she scores!

Sophomore Precious Younger, a key player on the girls varsity basketball team, has been playing basketball for as long as she remembers.

“I love basketball,” Younger said. “I played a lot as a kid.”

Younger added that nobody in her family played sports.

“I just found an interest in it, that’s all,” Younger said.

She started playing basketball more competitively on a team in middle school during her eighth grade school year. Upon entering high school, she tried out for the girls basketball team and started off on varsity her freshman year.

“She’s very serious on the court but is a totally different person outside the courts,” senior teammate Alexis Bradford said. “She has a sense of humor and is loyal to her friends.”

Younger plans to continue playing all throughout high school and college, and she hopes to potentially play basketball as a career.

“She’s extremely dedicated to basketball and works very hard at each practice,” varsity coach Jason Lowery said. “Work ethic is outstanding.”

On the court, Younger is a key player and scorer.

“She’s a great asset, tremendous rebounder, [and] jumps extremely well,” Lowery said. “[She’s] as good of an athlete you’re going to find in girls basketball.”

To improve her skills, Younger also practices basketball outside of school.

“I stay at the park for hours playing—mostly by myself or [with] my little brother or sister,” Younger said.

Younger says she enjoys the ambitious atmosphere of the lady Bruins basketball team.

“I just love the competition, giving it my all, and seeing the outcome,” Younger said.

Even with strenuous practices running long every day, Younger says she effectively manages to keep organized with her schoolwork and has no problem with keeping up in school. The only difficulty and pressure Younger faces is playing against a tough team on the court.

“Sometimes we have frustration, but not with each other,” Younger said. “It’s mostly during the game.”

The lady Bruins played their first league match on January 14 against Lincoln High, which ended with a loss of 19-61.

“Of course it frustrated us but we just turned the page and tried to work harder,” Younger said.

The varsity team’s current record stands at 3-1.