Staff win annual Staff vs. Seniors volleyball game

Brianna Aznar , Staff Writer

The staff came out victorious for the second time against the seniors, winning the fifth set in the second annual Staff vs. Seniors volleyball game on  January 17.

The teams played a total of five sets. Each set was played to 25 points.

“They played really good,” senior Carly Pettis said of the staff players. “They were really scrappy.”

It was a close game with the seniors and staff tied at two sets each. The staff won the last set by one point.

“Playing in the game was very fun,” Athletic Director Anthony Sayhoun said. “It’s fun to get the staff and seniors involved in a friendly competition.”

Although the seniors lost, the players said they enjoyed the rivalry and put up a strong fight.

“When we went in, we wanted to win but, by the end, it was fun being out there and we were happy even though we lost,” Brooks Green, team captain of the senior team, said.

The seniors were more prepared for the game in terms of practice.

“We practiced around three times a week,” Pettis said.

The staff, on the other hand, didn’t practice for the game at all.

“We always joke around that we practice every day, but we only do that to get in their heads,” science teacher Michael Heberle said. “The staff had never actually held a formal practice for volleyball. This year the seniors were much stronger, so they definitely gave us a run for our money.”

Even without practice, the staff were still able to beat the seniors.

“They weren’t as fast as us and they got tired, but they were bigger than us,” Green said of the staff players.

“The highlight of the game for me was probably when I got to substitute out and go sit down and have a much better player come in the game for me,” Sayhoun said.

“Previous years, the staff always said the seniors fall apart and get mad at each other, but we had a lot of chemistry,” Green said of the seniors’ teamwork.

Sophomore Anna Knezovich was referee for the game.

“Both teams tried really hard and put all their effort into the game, and they both really wanted to win,” Knezovich said. “It was a fun game to watch.”