Bench warmers ARE important

Laura Angle, Staff Writer

On every sports team, there is the star athlete that gets carried off on everyone’s shoulders after winning the game. Then, there are the benchwarmers — the kids whose parents forced them to be more active or the kids who wanted to play but just weren’t good enough.

Not everyone can be the football jock, the hardest hitter, or the fastest runner, but everyone can be an important member of any team.

Sophomore Brandon McCants says he was a benchwarmer his freshman year for football.

“My job was to cheer the team on, remember plays, and serve as moral support for everyone,” McCants says. “I would come in to give players a rest.”

Benchwarmers are faced with their not-so-glorious jobs for multiple reasons.

“They’re usually top students and very committed to the team and off-season training,” assistant boys varsity basketball coach Adolph Torrez says. “Their skills just aren’t as polished as other players.”

To see such dedication  without much recognition is admirable and encouraging.

“They keep going at it even though they’re not the best,” junior Connor Revay says. “They still strive to be good.”

Benchwarmers can also serve as opponents for the players that will participate in the next game.

“Benchwarmers help with the practice,” sophomore Adrian Chavez says. “They act as another team to go against.”

Being a member of any team, whether it be in sports, dance, or work, requires dedication and a positive attitude, and benchwarmers provide  all of these things to the team. Without benchwarmers, there would be no one to remind team members what the next play is, no one to encourage the team when the score is looking lopsided or cheer the team on when the score is in their favor.  As the saying goes, “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’”