Profile: Jelani Moore

Sophaline Chuong, Staff Writer

Jelani Brice-Moore took first at the Arizona Division II Championship for track and field in the boys 100, 200, and 400 meter sprint in 2013.  This season, he returns to Stockton for his senior year and is now competing with the Bear Creek track and field team.

Moore says that it is important to take care of his health to be in the best condition.

“I am focusing on strengthening my hamstrings and calves,” Moore said.  “I have been running over the distance and practicing running repeat distances.”

His time of 10.99 seconds garnered first place in the boys 100 meter at the Arizona Division II Championship.  Moore also earned first place in the boys 200 meter with a time of 21.99 seconds.

“I feel good about my accomplishments,” Moore said.  “However, I feel as though I can strive to do better with new goals.”

Moore says that his love for track came from his family roots.

“It is a family thing,” Moore said.  “My mom and grandpa ran track.”

A special supporter is Moore’s grandpa, who is a personal coach and has been training Moore since he started track when he was 13 years old.

“He looks at my form and corrects it, so I can run with technique that allows me to run faster with less work,” Moore said.

Moore says he couldn’t have achieved his accomplishments without his grandpa by his side.

“He fills in as father figure for me since I didn’t have anyone,” Moore said.

Another role model for Moore is Stagg High School principal and Olympian André Phillips. Phillips took gold in men’s 400 meter hurdles at the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

“He is an inspiration because someone in Stockton is able to make it on a national level,” Moore said.  “Also supported me in track with any of my questions I had to improve,” Moore said.

Phillips says that if he is able to do something for others like sport heroes Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Rafer Johnson, and Edwin Moses had done for him, being a role model is worth it.

“I’m always reluctant to be looked at as a role model because I truly feel parents, guardians, and other family members should be the role model,” Phillips said.

“However, I feel very proud to be placed into that role as someone who can somehow or some way inspire [others] by my athletic accomplishments.”

Moore was able to move back to Stockton when his mother received a job transfer.

“We all missed Stockton,” Moore said.  “I am glad to be back in my home town.”

Moore has interest in college track and field and hopes to attend either Sacramento State, Montana State, UC Santa Barbara, or Fresno State.

“I am looking forward to a personal record and making it to state,” Moore said.