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Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez

Quarantine helps students discover and express their personal style

Dominic Navarro, Staff Writer March 29, 2021

Over the past year, the endless days stuck inside have driven students to crave change in their lives -- and fashion has become a favorite outlet for that change.  From clothing and makeup to hair and...

Illustration by Benjamin Tran

Administration struggles to address high failure rates during distance learning

Gavin Cardoza and Amara Del Prato March 3, 2021

After nearly a year of laggy chromebooks, missed zooms, late assignments and ignored inboxes, distance learning has taken its toll on students, leaving many flustered and unresponsive to school.  As a...

Illustration by Eileen Tran

Quarantine allows time for students to reflect on the meaning of friendship

Gavin Cardoza, Staff Writer February 25, 2021

While many students have been cut off from seeing their friends on a daily basis for nearly a year now, some students admit the break from friendships has actually yielded a positive benefit: they now...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez

Conservative students struggle to find acceptance and tolerance from liberal peers

Jasmine Castillo, Feature Editor, Copy Editor February 21, 2021

With liberal views and perspectives dominating news, entertainment, social media and academia, conservative students often feel that their views are targeted and ridiculed.  From talks of “deprogramming”...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez

Big tech needs to stop silencing conservative voices

Holden Lomeli, Guest Writer February 21, 2021

“Like the date of Dec. 7, the day in 1941 that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Jan. 6 the day American citizens attacked their own Capitol will live forever in infamy" --Senate Majority Leader Chuck...

Infographic by Merit Onyekwere

Students experience “COVID fatigue” during Distance Learning

Truong-Anh Nguyen-Tan December 11, 2020

When Lodi Unified School District announced that school was cancelled at the beginning of quarantine in March, many students were relieved that their scholastic stress would be temporarily put on hold....

Illustration by Benjamin Tran

Money-making magic: teen small businesses in the time of COVID

Merit Onyekwere and Truong-Anh Nguyen-Tan November 21, 2020

While COVID-19 has been responsible for spikes in unemployment and the permanent closure of many local mom and pop shops, a new generation of student entrepreneurs has begun to rise amid the economic uncertainty.   “I’d...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez

CON: Should students be required to show their faces during distance learning?

Benjamin Tran, Entertainment Editor, Social Media Editor October 30, 2020

(See the PRO side here.) Alarms ringing!  Scrambling out of bed!  Rushing to open the computer to get to the Zoom link and clicking on the option to “Join without Video.”  Sound familiar?  Despite...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez

PRO: Should students be required to show their faces during distance learning?

Jasmine Castillo, Feature Editor, Copy Editor October 30, 2020

(See the CON side here.) With the start of distance learning, students have been eager to complain about the inconveniences and problems they face, while not realizing that they contribute to one of...

A Helping Hand: Junior Takeyia Thompson sometimes has to leave her own classes to assist her second grade sister, Maliyah, and must email her teachers after class to explain or ask questions.

Distance Learning proves challenging for both staff and students

Eileen Tran, Art Editor, Social Media Editor October 30, 2020

If students had been told a year ago that they would be able to attend class while still in their pajamas — and even still in bed — most students would have jumped at the chance.  Today, however,...

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