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Raider nation lives on

Marino Dominguez, Staff Writer

February 15, 2017

The Oakland Raiders have been one of the most iconic franchises in the history of American football, known for their dedicated and menacing fanbase and intimidating coliseum. Raider Nation had plans to move to Las Vegas, the casino capital, over the 2016 season and officially filed for relocation on...

Comedy Sportz battles with skits, stories, and games

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor

February 15, 2017

Imagine being thrown up on stage to perform and entertain a crowd of people with no script, no rehearsal, and no preparation. For Bear Creek’s Comedy Sportz club, these are the components that make up a Friday night. So, what exactly is Comedy Sportz? Comedy Sportz is a world-recognized improv...

(This is deep)

David Hancock, Staff Writer

February 13, 2017

Dear mortals, To blog, or not to blog. That is the questions. Whether ‘tis nobler to blog something meaningful and relevant or to suffer the slings and arrows of unfinished thought. To die, to sleep. Thus is my Shakespearian rant. To rant, perchance, to dream. Aye, therin lies the rub....

Random Line Generator

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

February 6, 2017

Okay so let me explain. JK I won’t lol xD. Have fun! Two Thoughtful Uncles Talking to the Beat A Short Story The first Christmas she could remember was also her best Christmas ever. Jessica Chan looked at the tattered hawk in her hands and felt happy. She walked over to the window and reflected...


David Hancock, Staff Writer

January 31, 2017

Dear opinionated people, Before I begin this rant, let me be clear: everyone has a right to their own opinion. Additionally, in the United States all citizens are guaranteed the right to have those opinions heard. That is clear, and I’m not annoyed because of that. I’m annoyed because the majority...


Helen Le, Sports Editor

January 30, 2017

I will never understand why people choose to be obnoxious in a movie theater. Why do you feel the need to ruin something for other people because you’re stuck in a bubble of self-entitlement? I’m not salty anymore, but jeez, that’s probably one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy La La Land...


David Hancock, Staff Writer

January 25, 2017

Dear confused teenagers, I don’t know I’ve mentioned this before, but in college I’m planning on majoring in Philosophy. Well, the college I’m planning to go to combines Politics, Philosophy, and Economics into one super awesome major, but I’m mostly doing it for the philosophy. I know...

Gosh, another rant

David Hancock, Staff Writer

January 24, 2017

Dear readers, Before you begin reading this, know that I've been in a super emo, angsty, mad-at-society mood, so this is gonna be a rant. A real rant. An, “Oh my god, David’s losing it,” kind of rant. You've been warned. I'll just say it: I'm a conservative, I voted for Trump, I'm a Republican,...

STarting up a business?

Erin Baquiran, Photography Editor

January 23, 2017

Hey guys! Over break I found ways to free up my schedule and have more time to work on some projects I’ve been meaning to work on. Well auditioning and working out are always on the list of things to do besides homework, but I’ve been meaning to really push on starting up my own t-shirt business. I...


David Hancock, Staff Writer

January 17, 2017

Dear readers, For those of you who don't know my family very well, I have a really wise dad. My dad works in property management, which is a fancy term for being a landlord, which is a fancy term for being a Jack-of-all-trades fix-it-guy who also collects rent. Being that, my dad has always been...

Finals week!!!!

Erin Baquiran, Staff Writer

December 19, 2016

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Self-deprecating jokes have been overwhelmingly abundant this week and it’s only Monday. I’ve been studying like CRAZY over the last week for finals that will either make or break my grades. Continuing studying throughout the weekend was absolutely insane...

What the Heck is my Blog?

David Hancock, Staff Writer

December 15, 2016

Dear readers, To be honest guys, what the heck are you reading?!? So I’m straight chillin in a Starbucks, wearing a fancy black coat with the collar up and drinking a hot caramel brulee latte while writing in my blog on my not-apple laptop, basically being the most hip hipster in existence...

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