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Tokyo Summer Olympics promotes a clean environment and lifestyle

Adan Banks, Sports Editor

January 31, 2020

With its position as the most recognizable and most-watched sporting event in the world, this year’s Olympic Games are taking strides to benefit society. By using eco-friendly alternatives for many aspects of the competitions, the Olympic Committee seeks to encourage the world to adopt an environmental...

Love: just another capitalist ruse

Ethen Smith, Feature Columnist

January 31, 2020

Roses! Cupid! Chocolate! As Valentine’s Day draws near, symbols of love are inescapable. But let’s be honest, beautiful bouquets and romantic confections have been around for a while at this point; most stores rolled them out as soon as Christmas was over. The time between January and mid-...

Sexual exploitation at Nickelodeon

Bailey Kirkeby, Co-Editor-in-Chief

January 31, 2020

On Nov. 2, 2019, Netflix added 13 Nickelodeon titles to its catalog.  The TV show “Victorious,” released in 2010, has arguably garnered the most attention from high school students, with many teenagers binge-watching the series and proclaiming their love for the “iconic” show they watched as young chil...

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