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Among Us: the opening screen of the game shows the players role in the game, and how many imposters are waiting for the chance to strike.

Among Us game experiences rise in popularity over summer

Autumn Kong and Dominic Navarro December 4, 2020

Among Us, the space adventure game where players go about murdering their friends while simultaneously trying to fix the spaceship, has grown tremendously more popular these past couple of months as the...

Rapper Viincent draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller and J. Cole

Rapper Viincent draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller and J. Cole

Grace Gremel, Staff Writer January 31, 2020

As rap progressively becomes more mainstream due to more people taking a liking to the strong bass and flowing rhythm, many individuals dream of pursuing rap in the big leagues — but the grueling...

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ proves to be subpar finale

Michael Thomas, Managing Editor January 31, 2020

The third Star Wars Trilogy came to an epically underwhelming and disappointing finale with the “The Rise of Skywalker.” For movie fans, this film was simply not good. For Star Wars fans, it...

Cats’ the movie fur-rightens away $70 million

‘Cats’ the movie fur-rightens away $70 million

Alisa Aistrup, Feature Editor January 31, 2020

Three good things can be said about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway musical “Cats”: it’s an impressive showcase for dancers, the costumes are ingenious and the songs, while nonsensical, are...

Sexual exploitation at Nickelodeon

Bailey Kirkeby, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2020

On Nov. 2, 2019, Netflix added 13 Nickelodeon titles to its catalog.  The TV show “Victorious,” released in 2010, has arguably garnered the most attention from high school students, with many teenagers...

Sidebar: Baby Yoda hype

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor January 31, 2020

These days, when popular franchise “Star Wars” is brought up, it’s followed by one of two conversations: a hot take on the “Rise of Skywalker” or a declaration of love for Baby Yoda....

Snowflake? Lazy? Sensitive? ... OK, Boomer

Snowflake? Lazy? Sensitive? … ‘OK, Boomer’

Ethen Smith, Staff Writer December 13, 2019

A cliché often preached to children and adolescents alike is to always “respect your elders,” for they have lived longer and, therefore, hold more wisdom.   However, if these same elders have...

Standout Monologues: Junior Shawntell Livingston (left) depicts the lively “Maria” — a ju- ror on the civil trial of Rodney King. Senior Lauren Oaks (right) sits solemnly as a tortured anonymous juror. Senior Alisa Aistrup (below) sips her drink as philosopher Cornel West.

Unconventional casting in ‘Twilight’ confuses audience

Alex Bussey, Opinion Editor December 13, 2019

“Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992” is a series of monologues focusing on the beating of Rodney King and subsequent Los Angeles Race Riots in 1992.  Bear Creek Theater director Cassie Champeau adapted this...

Disney Plus should not censor their past controversial content

Disney Plus should not censor their past controversial content

December 13, 2019

Nearly a century after its foundation, the Walt Disney Company has grown to unprecedented heights in the entertainment industry, absorbing Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox and many more into its massive corporate...

BC alumnus Chase Hudson reflects on TikTok success

BC alumnus Chase Hudson reflects on TikTok success

Bailey Kirkeby and Ryan Flores November 15, 2019

When social media video app TikTok — primarily used for sharing short lip-sync, dancing and comedy videos — combined with, a solely lip-syncing app, the application was widely criticized...

‘Joker’: Villainous outcast cloaked under heroic arc

‘Joker’: Villainous outcast cloaked under heroic arc

Nathan To, News Editor November 15, 2019

With a box office opening weekend of over $96 million, Todd Philips’s film “Joker” is proving to be immensely successful despite its problematic narrative, which has sparked troubling social...

‘Tall Girl’ falls woefully short on truth

Bailey Kirkeby, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 15, 2019

When “Tall Girl,” a Netflix original movie about a tall, blonde white girl, was released in September 2019, a concerning number of people made sure to tell me, “Bailey, Netflix made a movie...

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