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Tiramisu donut? Our ACE train adventures

Tiramisu donut? Our ACE train adventures

Nathan To and Adan Banks November 15, 2019

8:40 — The Beginning: We boarded the train from downtown Stockton station; they didn’t check our tickets until we had already been on the train for about an hour, which was very confusing....

The Ever-changing interest of Millennials encourages the rise of ‘Bedroom Pop’

Ethen Smith, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

With music-sharing platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and countless others, one can share their music to the masses instantly. Also, as technology continues to improve, equipment...

Social Media app TikTok influences Billboard Hot 100 list

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor September 20, 2019

During March of 2019, the Billboard Hot 100 experienced a bizarre shift — a shift that had the potential to permanently change the course of the pop music genre. Week after week, breakout artist...

'PewDiePie' Effect leads to Minecraft revival

‘PewDiePie’ Effect leads to Minecraft revival

Bailey Kirkeby , Co-Editor-in-Chief September 20, 2019

After facing tremendous backlash for a series of controversial videos posted in 2017 — causing him to lose deals with both Disney and YouTube — gaming YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie,...

“Rock of Ages” at Stockton Civic theaters urges viewers to “Don’t Stop Believin”

Grace Gremel, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

“Rock of Ages,” a head-banging, high-energy musical, will be performed at Stockton Civic Theater from August 28 to September 22. The lively musical is full of rock music from the ’80s,...

“Euphoria” brings the reality of Generation Z to light

Deepika Sahota, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

In the new Drake-produced HBO series “Euphoria,” the audience is treated to the presumably chaotic and provocative lives of Generation Z.  The show’s lead — Rue Bennet, played by former Disney...

Ariel remake highlights Disney’s lack of Diversity

Bailey Kirkeby, Co Editor-In-Chief September 20, 2019

With Disney making the rounds to ruin each of its animated movies with a subpar live-action remake, “The Little Mermaid” is unfortunately the latest victim. However, despite many Disney fans’...

Disney remakes: uninspired imitation or creative sequel?

Devyn Inong, Feature Editor April 26, 2019

Disney Remakes, Inong Ask anyone at Bear Creek what their favorite movie was as a child, and most will say it was a Disney movie. But now, the childhood classics that everyone knows and loves are getting...

Global spread of 'Hallyu' — all things Korean

Global spread of ‘Hallyu’ — all things Korean

Leilany Perez, Opinion Editor April 26, 2019

Americans, both young and old, are rapidly becoming obsessed with Korean culture. “Hallyu,” or the Korean wave, refers to the growing global popularity of South Korean culture. Hallyu’s increase...

Misplaced anger at white ‘Bachelor’ contestants

Bailey Kirkeby, News Editor, Managing Editor, Entertainment Columnist April 26, 2019

Up until this very column, my highbrow, news-obsessed facade has hidden my love for such a trashy television show. However, I must come clean — I am one of the nauseating fans of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”...

Infographic by Gabriella Backus

Parks and Recreation vs. The Office

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor April 26, 2019

“The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” are both timeless mockumentaries overflowing with countless comedic and heartwarming moments — but there's no denying which show is superior: “The Office.” Although...

Alternatives for high price activities

Gavin Cardoza March 25, 2019

Family outings are often a great way for family members to bond with one another. Spending the day at the ballpark, watching a favorite team play or heading out to catch the latest film release; these...

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