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Streaming services replace traditional TV

Jasmine Castillo, Opinion Editor March 25, 2019

This generation eschews traditional TV services and instead prefers to utilize technology to cater to their entertainment needs. Streaming services that provide TV shows, movies and music are highly popular...

‘Bird Box’ just another boring survival film

Bailey Kirkeby, News Editor, Managing Editor, and Entertainment Columnist March 25, 2019

In Dec. 2018, as I logged onto Netflix and prepared to continue watching “Shameless,” I was introduced to — as I would soon find out — the worst Christmas gift I have ever received: “Bird Box.” Set...

SJ Pride Center honors local LGBTQ+ leaders

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor March 25, 2019

Last month, San Joaquin Pride Center held its annual Pride Honors Event to celebrate local influential members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially those who have made significant strides for the community...

Family fun can still be had ─ but at a cost

Leilany Perez, Opinion Editor March 25, 2019

Every family has a favorite place or activity that they enjoy such as movies and ball games. However, this fun comes at a cost ─ a high cost, in fact. With the start of the new year, prices at many...

YA novel themes capture teenage angst – but leave some wondering if works exploit issues

Jayden Jones, Staff Writer January 7, 2019

When Judy Blume published “Are You There, God, It’s Me Margaret” in 1970, the novel was the first to address the classic woes of teenage angst: stress, relationships, and finding themselves....

Dutch Bros vs Empresso Coffeehouse

Empresso Coffeehouse caters to those who seek a safe haven to study or hang out with friends.
Alisa Aistrup, Feature Editor January 7, 2019

The hype surrounding Dutch Bros and Empresso Coffeehouse has led to more than just a few caffeinated debates: which coffeehouse reigns supreme? Dutch Bros, founded in 1992, prides themselves on their...

Taylor Swift speaks out about her political stance

Gavin Cardoza, Staff Writer January 7, 2019

Political activism has been in entertainment since the Civil Rights movements that lasted through the ‘50s and ‘60s. Most people hear the names of activists like Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks,...

Photo by Lilly Lim

Diverse Cast, tech crew shine in ‘Pride’

Michael Thomas, Staff Writer January 7, 2019

The cast takes a bow after their performance   For its fall 2018 production, Bear Creek High School Drama Department adapted Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice — although the novel was set in 1797,...

BCHS choral department showcases their winter concert

Alisa Aistrup, Feature Editor December 18, 2018

On Dec. 4, 2018, Bear Creek’s Choral Department presented their Winter Concert, showcasing the hard work that the three choir classes (two beginning classes and one advanced class) have invested for...

92% on Rotten Tomatoes

Other standing entertainment features

-- Cifuentes, Staff Writer November 16, 2018

Film:8th Grade “The comedian Bo Burnham-turned-filmmaker has the wisdom to know that eighth grade isn't a stage – it's a state of mind most us never entirely grow out of,” Peter Travers (American...

Much more than Nothing

Gavin Cardoza, Staff Writer November 9, 2018

Their name may seem a little unorthodox at first, and their style of slow and loud melodies may be different from much of the music heard today, but start-up band Nothing is more than what their name implies. The...

Drawing by Narkary Neang

Emo Rap – a new spin on dark and grim topics

Jayden Jones, Staff Writer November 9, 2018

Music has always been a medium to convey social injustice, heartache, the allure of drugs and alcohol, and the dark subjects in life. But a new genre ― known as Emo Rap ― adds a new layer on a much...

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