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Realistic films are the most horrifying of all

Natalia Gevara, Entertainment Editor October 30, 2015

Horror films can range from psychological thrillers to morbid and grisly tales. No matter the type, people cower in the theatres while witnessing scary movies or acquire some sort of satisfying adrenaline...

Presidential candidates utilize social media for campaigns

Presidential candidates utilize social media for campaigns

Brooke Shimasaki and Claire Gilliland October 30, 2015

The 2016 election is unlike any other as voters are now able to gain a more personal connection with candidates through posts, tweets, skits, and Snaps —  seeing them more as equals rather than the...

Dynamic duo Maddie and Tae take center stage with new album

Dynamic duo Maddie and Tae take center stage with new album

Mckenzie Barrow, Staff Writer October 30, 2015

Maddie & Tae just might be the next Taylor Swift.  Their singles “Fly” and “Girl in a Country Song” got them noticed, but their album “Start Here” is their formal introduction to the world...

New theatre teacher chooses two casts for

New theatre teacher chooses two casts for “Our Town”

Claire Gilliland, Opinion Editor October 30, 2015

Drama productions at Bear Creek have a long history of success, and new theater director Cassie Champeau aims to continue that tradition. To help make this year's production, "Our Town," even more successful,...

Na Hoku Mai Kanolani highlights Hawaiian and Tahitian dance

Anissa Ypon, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

The Hawaiian and Tahitian cultures are best known for their expressive dancing. Oftentimes people misinterpret the differences between both cultures by merging them into one concept: Hula dancing. Susan,...

Artistic talents showcased at Film and Arts Festival

Jessica Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 15, 2015

Silence on set!  Bear Creek High School held its first ever Film and Art Festival on April 24.  Students walked into the hall of the theater to a world of art and into the actual theater to a world where...

A new ‘Empire’ of the TV world arises and conquers ratings

Anissa Ypon, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

Whether or not hip-hop music is your taste, Fox’s newest television series “Empire” has managed to break audience records after every episode.  The captivating show made its debut on Jan. 7, 2015,...

Vinyl album fans welcome return of “authentic” sound

Khaled Alameldin, Staff Writer February 5, 2015

The record begins to spin, the needle slowly drops and the sound of a mellotron flute fills the air. John Lennon's voice sounds over the flute as he sings, “Let me take you down, cause I'm going to Strawberry...

Best-seller “50 Shades” film opens on V-Day

Anissa Ypon, Staff Writer February 5, 2015

Some young women lament how it is difficult to find a guy who wants more than just a sexual relationship, but in some cases it is women who want more than just plain “vanilla,” a term used in the popular...

10 BC students perform in SJ Honors Concert

Jessica Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2015

San Joaquin County’s finest musicians performed at the 60th Annual San Joaquin County High School Honors Concert on Jan. 10. Ten of the 62 members in the Honors Strings Orchestra were Bruin students. Every...

Creative Writing novel excerpts

December 12, 2014
The following are excerpts from various National Novel Writing Month projects by Creative Writing students. Vote on your favorite!

Shows worth binge-watching over holiday break

Jessica Dang, Staff Writer December 10, 2014
Let’s be real. Binge watching shows is a talent worth gloating about but it can be a struggle to find shows that will keep a person interested enough to continue to watch episode after episode for hours on end as eyes begin to strain and bathroom breaks are continually pushed back.
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