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Foster kids ‘grow up fast’ amid chaos and dysfunction

Deepika Sahota, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

The student body at Bear Creek can be defined by one word: diverse. It encompasses students of varying ethnicities, interests, personalities and backgrounds. Although the school touts its...

Underground snack food sales flourish

LUSD prohibits sales; students say money helps pay for sports, extracurriculars
Ryan Flores, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

Most students have one thing on their minds during a long day at school: food. While some students dream about food, others capitalize on that dream by offering food for sale. These students can...

‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ deletes graphic suicide scene

Alisa Aistrup, Feature Editor November 15, 2019

Although Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” was celebrated for raising awareness regarding teen suicide, the show has also been criticized for its vivid portrayal of the same subject.  More than two years...

Will censoring graphic posts increase stigma of self harm?

Ethen Smith, Staff Writer November 15, 2019

In February of this year, both Instagram and Facebook enacted a new policy that bans posts containing graphic imagery, including self-harm.  As a response to Ian Russell’s statement (see above story),...

LUSD policy on ‘do-rags’ sends mixed signals to students

Tokay HS explicitly bands head covering while BC decides on a 'case-by-case' basis
Ahmad Annous, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

The “durag,” sometimes spelled “do-rag,” first worn as a headcover by female African-American laborers, has evolved to become a fashion piece after the Black Power Movement in the 1960s....

Critics claim liberal bias in Ethnic Studies courses

Michael Thomas, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

The past few decades, has witnessed a rising push by state legislators for schools to develop an Ethnic Studies course. The idea began at the college level and has trickled down as far as elementary...

Trump and FDA ban flavored e-cigarettes after recent deaths

Akayla Jones, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Although some had hoped this generation would be the first to end cigarette use, many teens have found themselves hooked on smoking new products — vapes. Despite being prohibited on campus,...

For a ‘connected’ generation, why are so many so lonely?

Ethen Smith, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Today’s teens can be defined by one word: connected.  Presently, social media is becoming an increasingly integral part of life, and it’s easy to argue that Generation Z is the most connected generation...

Memes and other mental health jokes worrisome

Amara Del Prato, Entertainment Editor September 20, 2019

In the longstanding fight against the stigmatization of mental health, it seems that finally Generation Z has thrown the last punch.  Students talk openly about mental health, posting about their sessions...

Excessive Screen Time Links to mental health in teens

Charumati Rogers, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Sweep aside the hair of an average teen today and, surprisingly, one might find an odd growth: a skull horn. Located at the base of the skull, this odd growth results from constantly looking...

Is it time to close the GATE?

Deepika Sahota, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Many Bear Creek students spent their elementary and middle school years in a GATE — Gifted and Talented Education — program. Although the program seeks to label children who exhibit an...

Oregon students lead grass-roots effort to pass ‘mental health’ legislation

Grace Gremel, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Sometimes students stay home “ill” when what they are really feeling isn’t an impending cold or the shivers from a full-blown flu bug — instead, they just need a mental break. Oregon...

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