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Record number of UC applications — again!

May 29, 2018

Last year, the University of California system saw a record-breaking number of applicants to their renowned institutions. Acceptance rates dropped accordingly, and a record-breaking number of students...

Current safety codes outpace school upgrades: Newer smoke detectors not installed in original buildings

Serra Raquel, Entertainment Editor May 29, 2018

During the second quarter, there was a fire in the J restroomn adjacent to the career center. The alarm never went off and the fire went undetected until someone saw smoke escaping through the door. The...

Curiosity: the secret that led me to Stanford

May 29, 2018

So why did I get into Stanford? While I hope I was more than a sporadic decision by an admissions officer, I don’t pretend to know how college admissions entirely work. Regardless, after visiting...

Stockton will give 55 families ‘free money’

Benjamin Gyman, Feature Editor November 27, 2017

The city of Stockton just approved a privately-funded plan to give 55 families free money every month for 36 months. The funds will be supplied by a basic income advocacy group, the Economic Security Project. Expected...

College miscalculations lead to rescinded acceptances and out-of-luck students

Claire Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief November 27, 2017

March, April and May are always important months for college-bound seniors; they’re the time when admissions decisions are released, and students have to decide which schools they want to attend and...

OCR continues to monitor LUSD disciplinary process

OCR continues to monitor LUSD disciplinary process

Representatives impressed with BC’s ‘positive’ and ‘calm’ campus
Claire Gilliland and Helen Le November 27, 2017

After their resolution aiming to correct the disciplinary inequity between students of different races was reached, the Office for Civil Rights has continued to work with LUSD to ensure a healthy and...

Admin examines number of teacher referrals

Admin examines number of teacher referrals

Serra Raquel and Giancarlo Lizarraga November 27, 2017

Following a visit by the Office of Civil Rights, Principal Hillary Harrell has been tasked with checking-up on teachers with high numbers of referrals. The issue she and her staff discovered and had...

Restorative Circles help curb chronic tardies

Restorative Circles help curb chronic tardies

Helen Le, Editor-in-Chief November 27, 2017

Getting through the school day may be a struggle for some students, and that struggle often begins with failing to attend first period on time. Unfortunately, there has not been a tardy policy that has...

Staff, students experience mock active shooter drill

Serra Raquel and Lily Tran November 27, 2017

When senior Jacob Fry first heard the gunshots and screams, he became frightened, even though he knew it was just an exercise. “It felt very real, especially when all you can hear is intense screaming...

Homecoming ends with shattered glass for adviser

Homecoming ends with shattered glass for adviser

Claire Gilliland and Helen Le October 17, 2017

After this year’s Homecoming dance, English teacher and student government advisor Laura LaRue’s car was damaged in the Bear Creek parking lot while LaRue was finishing cleaning up. LaRue noticed...

Taking pictures, recording lectures in class requires consent

Alijah Jacob Buada, Online Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2017

In a world revolving around electronics, cell phones and other recording devices — even though technically banned during class time — are everywhere. It is not unusual for a student to whip out a phone...

Lighting, intercom system among the fixes planned from Measure U money

Gabriella Backus, Online Editor-in-Chief October 17, 2017

Students were impressed by Bear Creek’s repainted campus upon their return to school this year. Many other changes have also occurred that may have gone unnoticed, and more are set to occur soon. The...

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