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Welcome, Class of 2019!

This is a page meant to help you, the new freshmen, adapt to life in high school. The staff of the Bruin Voice went on Twitter and asked current and former students of Bear Creek to give tips to all of you by using #ThingsIWishIKnew and we also answered questions submitted by students in the Class of 2019. We hope this will be helpful and if you have any more questions, feel free to comment below!

Here are some of the Twitter responses:

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Questions from the Class of 2019:

Q: How long is each class period?


Q: When is a good time to see a counselor?

A: To see your counselor you just can’t walk into their office, they each have too many students for that. What you can do is go to the counseling office and fill out a form to tell your counselor you’d like to talk to them. Turn that in and your counselor will call you out of class within a day or two.

Q: Is it possible to start a new club and how?

A: Yes it is possible! You can go to the student government teacher, Mrs. La Rue, and fill out a form to start a club. There are a few requirements you have to fulfill, such as having a staff advisor and a club constitution, but Mrs. La Rue will be able to give you pointers and once you fulfill your requirements, you’ll have a club.

Q: What are good ways to study for tests?


Q: How do extracurricular activities help?


Q: When is the best year to take Drivers Ed?

A: Freshman year is probably the best year to take Drivers Ed if you’re taking it through the school. That is because the school has set it up for you to take Drivers Ed, Health, and World History all in the same year. You can take it any other year you’d like but since Drivers Ed isn’t a class that’s all year, you’d have to find another class to take during the remainder of the school year. You could also pay to take Drivers Ed online and bring proof of that to the school. An online course counts the same as the one Bear Creek offers.

Q: What’s the best way to avoid bullying and drama?


Q: What are good classes to take during freshman year to get ahead?

A: Freshman year you don’t have many choices to what your classes will be. Everyone takes the same core subjects like math and science and the only thing the student really gets to choose is if they want to take the CP (college prep), AP (advanced placement), Pre-AP (one step before advanced placement), or a class that does not count toward college but counts toward the student’s graduation requirements.

Q: How do you get a GPA higher than a 4.0?

A: Each of your CP, non-CP, or Pre-AP classes can count up to four grade points, which is what you get if you receive an “A” grade. An AP class is different. Instead of a “C” counting for two points, a “B” counting for three, and an “A” counting for four, each grade is worth one more grade point. So for every “A” you receive in an AP class, you get an extra grade point, which means your GPA could go above a 4.0. If you were someone who took six AP classes, you could get up to a 5.0.

Q: How do you keep all your stuff from different classes organized?


Q: How long is lunch?

A: About thirty minutes long.

Q: Do we have a dress code?

A: Yes we do have a dress code.

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Advice for Freshmen