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Benjamin Gyman, Opinion Editor, Staff Writer

Hello to whoever is sulking around the staff pages of the online “Bruin Voice.” My name is Benjamin Gyman and I don’t really like people, which is probably why I’m the opinion editor. Responsibility just has a way of finding me. I have a tendency to force myself into always attempting perfection so, as you may expect, I never achieve it. My personality can probably be summed up in one word: sarcasm. I read much too much to be healthy and the only reason I’m not one hundred pounds heavier and don’t have the complexion of a piece of paper is because I enjoy running on the cross country and track and field teams (I also pole vault). I really enjoy genetics and I hope to make my career in either gene therapy or gene modification. So now that you know me and that I probably don’t like you, go stalk someone else’s profile please.

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Benjamin Gyman