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Gavin Cardoza, Staff Writer

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.  See? I’m accommodating to you already. Whatever time of the day you may find yourself reading this, I presume it’s because you’d like to know who I am.  If not, I’m not really sure what to tell you.  Anyways, my name is Gavin Cardoza, a senior, and currently the longest tenured member on this staff as I enter my 4th and (unfortunately) final year with the Bruin Voice.  I enjoy partaking in all types of writing, aside from the newspaper, and enjoy them passionately (even if I’m not that great at it).  Besides writing, I enjoy various activities pertaining to music, watching the weirdest of films, taking a comedic look at my own issues, and being creative in general. I’d like to think that pretty much covers everything. As long as you’re heading out, just remember to shut the door behind you (virtually of course).

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Gavin Cardoza