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McKenzie Moorman, Staff Writer

Konichiwa! Watashinonamaeha Moorman, Mckenzie

(Hello! My name is Mckenzie Moorman)

I am a Saggitarius, 15 years of age and I like anime! Omg I’m weird. Ok, so I have liked writing since I was little, and, am currently working on a story myself, don’t ask. I have been watching anime since I was 10, and I’ve been in love with japanese culture ever since. I have read the entire Harry Potter series except one at least three times, I haven’t read the eighth book, due to the fact I didn’t even know that there was an eighth book, however I will be getting to it. I know, could I be any nerdier? My hobbies include; drawing, reading, writing, watching anime, watching crime shows, etc.

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McKenzie Moorman