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Chelsea No
My name is Chelsea No, I am a sophomore at Bear Creek High School, and I am 16 years old. I am from South Korea, and I moved to America when I was 5. In freshman year, I played four sports— tennis, basketball, badminton, and ice skating— so you can call me athletic. My favorite sports are ice skating and badminton. I’ve technically been ice skating for about five years and as for badminton, I started last year as girl’s varsity three. I’m in Make-A-Wish, Pets N’ Pals, Punjabi, Swing, and Vietnamese clubs. As the vice president of Make-A-Wish and playing a lot of sports, I’ll be really busy this year. I also love writing because I like to think how someone will read and be able to relate to my words, perhaps even be inspired by them someday. I love writing about sports because I personally can relate and understand it, and it’s a very fun topic for me to talk and write about.

Chelsea No, Staff Writer

Sep 16, 2016
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Chelsea No