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Helen Le
Hey, I’m your sports editor once again but with a promotion of title to co-editor-in-chief with ya girl Claire.  I’m here because I love words and the journalism I know and admire is essential to exposure; news are the way to learn more about the current world in easy ways, and I think that’s undervalued. Anyway, my current plans are to buy a new toaster, pursue a degree in English then attend law school, and befriend a supernatural critter. I’ve been placed in all houses on Pottermore, but most of the people who know me consider me Slytherin, so that’s what I say I am. I’m very, very thankful for all of the influences that have led me to where I am right now. Oh, and finally, my hobbies include baking and having a midlife crisis at seventeen.

Helen Le, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sports Editor, Staff Writer

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Helen Le