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Lily Tran
Alohamora. That’s the opening spell in the wizarding world, so it’s perfect to open up my introduction with. My name is Lilian Tran, but please, call me Lily. I'm a senior who is the co-captain of the Bear Creek Varsity cheer squad. I am also the co-president of Swing Club and It’s Lit Book Club. I'm really stretching myself thin with all of the other extracurricular activities I am apart of this year. Books are my life. I even started a book-tube because I love to talk about books. I aspire to bring more attention to the journalists of the school and the world because what we do is important. People need to know what’s going on in the world, and it’s an honor to be an active part in making everyone more knowledgeable. As I continue to write for the Muggles of this campus, I’ll be awaiting my Hogwarts letter.

Lily Tran, Staff Writer

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Lily Tran