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Marso Beltran
Hello, my name is Marso. This is my first year doing Journalism and my fourth and final year at Bear Creek High School. Given that I'm slightly anxious about taking this class because it is my first time taking anything like it. I am excited to bring you stories about our community and the universe around us. Unfortunately, trips to the fortune teller for an apprenticeship hasn’t improved my clairvoyant skills, and I’m still discerning my future while most of my peers have  figured it out. Admittedly, I am an expert in procrastination. As for my personal life, I often engage in fun activities; the usual teenager stuff. I've done multiple sports throughout my high school career, which includes several martial arts, cross country, and track, however I am more like the Browns in the latter two sports. When I'm not found on the floor of my room procrastinating on homework at three in the morning and browsing the internet for dank memes, I can be found playing video games with my friends as my alter ego: Rich Homie Chupacabra.

Marso Beltran, Staff Writer

Nov 28, 2017
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Sep 25, 2017
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Marso Beltran