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Sophie Gilliland
Even though I started out as a simple opinion editor at the Bruin Voice in my sophomore year, I have now reached my junior year and the almighty positions of online editor-in-chief and one of the feature editors for our paper. Some would argue that I can only go up from here, but I disagree. I believe I have peaked, this role at the Bruin Voice is the height of my existence, this role is what I will be remembered for many years after my death. It all goes downhill from here. Nothing in my future — not my aspirations to work as some sort of marine biologist, not my years of hard work in college, and certainly not my two years playing mediocrely for the Bear Creek soccer team — will ever be able to compare to this experience. When my experience of writing for the Bruin Voice is over, I will never again be able to feel the pressure of a deadline I’m nowhere near prepared for or spend an hour or two putting sports schedules online, but I’ll always appreciate the opportunity to improve my writing and the hours after school I got to spend messing around — I mean working — with some of my best friends.

Sophie Gilliland, Online Editor-in-Chief

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Sophie Gilliland