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Obama calls for ‘free’ community college

Aidan Backus, Online Editor March 12, 2015
Fifty-two percent of incoming community college students don’t have the necessary reading or math skills for classes relevant to their degree, and are trapped in remedial classes for several semesters.

UC issues mandatory vaccine requirement by 2017

Jessica Machado, Staff Writer March 11, 2015
The first phase of the UC vaccination policy will begin in 2015 with the notification to incoming UC freshmen for recommended vaccines and the vaccines that will soon be deemed mandatory. The second phase will begin in fall of 2016. All new students will have to enter their immunization record into the UC electronic medical record platform. The third and final phase will be the requirement of mandatory vaccines starting in the fall of 2017.

“Yes Means Yes” law defines sexual consent

Julianna Reth, Opinion Editor December 11, 2014
Senate Bill 967 specifically states that all UCs and CSUs must implement “comprehensive prevention outreach programs,” in order to receive state funds for student financial assistance. The program must address sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.”

AP exams can be used to reduce cost of college education

Cameron Morelli, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2014
When spring comes around, many Bear Creek students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses experience stress and anxiety as they frantically study for their AP exams in the hopes of earning college credit. For some students, finding a way to pay for these exams can be just as stressful as preparing for the exam itself.

Fee waivers often leave out middle class families

Jasmine Santos, Editor-in-Chief & News Editor April 25, 2014

College applications, SATs, ACTs, and AP tests are all requirements, more or less, to get into a good college. All of them have one thing in common: payment. With all the expenses high school students...

Test prep guides, cramming can lead to better scores

Molina Soun, Staff Writer April 25, 2014

Students spend weeks and months in advance anxiously preparing for their SAT, ACT, or AP tests.  Students who receive high scores will get many benefits, but is it really possible to improve scores by...

Companies use SAT scores to weed out weak applicants

Sophaline Chuong, Staff Writer April 25, 2014

Imagine walking into an interview with a recruiter from the most elite businesses in the world and being asked your SAT score.  Everything you worked hard for in college is just as high stakes as is the...

Redesigned SAT set to debut in 2016

Monica Dang, Staff Writer April 25, 2014

The SAT: for some it is a grueling four-hour exam that elicits sweat, frustration, panic — and, inevitably — a score that will either lead to a college of choice or to a door being slammed in a student’s...

Choosing to major in gym

Monica Dang, Staff Writer November 8, 2013

Passport to College students get ready to collect on promise

Molina Soun, Staff Writer November 8, 2013

Students were only in the fifth grade when they were presented with an offer they couldn’t refuse: free tuition.  The Passport to College program, started in 2006-2007, targeted those who will graduate...

Mastering the art of the personal essay

Lisa Nguyen, Staff Writer November 8, 2013

Maintaining grades and extracurricular activities as well as taking the SATs and ACTs are just some of the major priorities of a typical college-bound senior.  The time has come to focus on what may be...

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