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Diverse Cast, tech crew shine in ‘Pride’

Photo by Lilly Lim

Michael Thomas, Staff Writer

January 7, 2019

The cast takes a bow after their performance   For its fall 2018 production, Bear Creek High School Drama Department adapted Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice — although the novel was set in 1797, the play was based in the 1920s. It was, at times, uncomfortably unprofessional. Overall, howe...

Black activism finds voice in YA novels

Black activism finds voice in YA novels

Lily Tran, Feature Editor

May 8, 2017

The Young Adult fiction world has worked tirelessly to increase the diversity in popular stories. Movements led through social media like the “We Need Diverse Books” campaign advocate for more diverse characters in adolescent and children’s stories. These campaigns have made small gains, but...

Being Muslim in America

Khaled Alameldin, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

As a child growing up in Fresno, Calif., I remember a loving community where most people accepted differences. Then 9/11 came and life started changing. Muslims were scared to wear hijabs and began to live in fear. Over the next several years we watched as our thriving Muslim community shrank and families...

Immigrants struggle to retain their cultural heritage

Gian Carlo Baldonad, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

Moving to a new place usually requires great effort: leaving home and friends, obtaining a new job, temporarily packing valuables into boxes or luggage. Yet perhaps the most underrated struggle for immigrants is to hold on to a culture while trying to assimilate into another. Early 20th-century European...

BCHS’s best quality? Diversity

BCHS’s best quality? Diversity

Sandra Sunio, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

In the BRUIN way, the “U” stands for “Understand Diversity.” Bear Creek’s mission statement states, “Students honor and share their unique cultural backgrounds to nurture growth, responsibility, and productivity in a climate that fosters pride in diversity.” Bear Creek is often praised...

Interracial relationships indebted to the Lovings’ courage

Interracial relationships indebted  to the Lovings’ courage

Adannaya Binder, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

When sophomores Amanda Paulino and Jayden Jones hold hands as they walk to class, they talk about the things most high-achieving students discuss: upcoming tests, college plans and their friends. One thing that never enters their mind is breaking the law. Almost 50 years ago, interracial marriage...

A nation of immigrants: students and staff share their journeys

Liz Malone, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

In the Tony Award winning musical “Hamilton,” a key theme is how powerful immigrants are since the show focuses on founding father and Caribbean immigrant Alexander Hamilton. One of the most captivating lines from the show refers to this central idea: “Immigrants, we get the job done.” Bear...

Coming out of the closet

Kylie Yamada, Giancarlo Lizarraga, Ryan Duff, and Serra Raquel

December 19, 2016

By KYLIE YAMADA FEATURE EDITOR My coming out story is hard to tell, because I didn’t have a typical coming out at all. For one thing, I didn’t really tell anyone in person. Over text, I can type out the message and then decide whether or not to press send, a process which takes only a couple...

LGBTQ+: Learning the terminology

Gabriella Backus, Artistic Editor

December 19, 2016

In a flowering new age of sexualities and gender identities, many teens find themselves confused as how to identify themselves and others. Here’s a helpful guide for puzzled newcomers to the LGBT community’s many identification terms. SEXUALITIES: Lesbian: The L in the LGBT; A woman who is...

Not all cultures accepting of homosexuality

Sophie Gilliland, Online Edito-in-Chief

December 19, 2016

Americans oftentimes have gay pride parades to celebrate gay rights — but on the other side of the world, being gay can be a death sentence. Even though gay marriage was legalized in all of the United States in 2015, other countries and cultures still deny members of the LGBT+ community their basic...

In a sea of sameness, two dare to be different

May 15, 2015

In a world where individuals strive for acceptance and achieve it by blending in with the crowd, two students dare to be different: juniors Xolani Harrison and Robby Sollie. Many teens today are more concerned with how many likes their Instagram post gets than anything else. Girls look up to the tall,...

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