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Donn Emerson Church – O’Connor Woods

April 18, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident Donn Emerson Church was born on December 19, 1925 and raised in Tracy.   He first came to Stockton after World War II.  He inherited a business focused on air conditioning from his father after working as a mechanical contractor. His favorite memory from owning a compan...

John Allen – O’Connor Woods

John Allen - O'Connor Woods

April 18, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident John Allen was born on January 24, 1921.  He was born in Modesto and has lived in Stockton since 1952.  He graduated Modesto High in 1938. During World War II, he started flying as a navigator for the Air Force in the Pacific for about five years.  As a navigator, he neede...

Albert Smith – O’Connor Woods

April 18, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident Albert Smith was born on November 17, 1930.  He was born in Sacramento and came to Stockton around 1941.   He worked as an electrician for Stockton Unified School District for 22 years before getting a job at General Mills.   “I wanted to become an electrician so Stockto...

O’Connor Woods group photo

O'Connor Woods group photo

March 30, 2018

Group photo of the O'Connor Woods residents. Bear Creek greatly appreciates your time spent with us!

Una O’Farrell – O’Connor Woods

Una O'Farrell - O'Connor Woods

March 30, 2018

Una O’Farrell, 89, was born in Ireland. Her early childhood revolved around dancing.  Her father had hired an old-school teacher, a little old man, to give personal dance lessons to each child in their home.  Her family also hosted céilís, Irish social gatherings with Gaelic folk music and dancing,...

Ruth Morgan – O’Connor Woods

Ruth Morgan - O'Connor Woods

Claire Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief

March 30, 2018

O’Connor Woods resident Ruth Morgan was born on Oct. 27, 1934, in the Philippines, the youngest of six children.  She was six years old when Japanese soldiers came and occupied her country and her city, Manila. “In 1941, almost around Pearl Harbor,” Morgan said.  “The Japanese just walked ...

Craig Hubbard – O’Connor Woods

Craig Hubbard - O'Connor Woods

March 30, 2018

At age 19, O'Connor Woods resident Craig Hubbard moved from Nebraska to California to serve his country during World War II. He was in the middle of studying for his journalism degree at University of Nebraska but when moving to California, he transferred to the University of California at Berkeley. H...

Doris Meyer – O’Connor Woods

Doris Meyer - O'Connor Woods

Serra Raquel, Staff Writer

March 30, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident Doris Meyer was born on July 23, 1927, in San Francisco, California.  Meyer grew up during the Great Depression and was a teenager during World War II. During this time, everything had to be rationed.  Stamps were used for commodities like butter, coffee and gas.  Meyer had to...

Ida May Sanders – O’Connor Woods

Ida May Sanders - O'Connor Woods

March 30, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident Ida May Sanders Jay, 86, was born into an unusual family.  Her father, born in 1875, grew up with Native Americans, his own father being a Methodist circuit rider.  Her mother was 21 years his junior; once they were married, they moved to California in 1919. Her older sister had...

Florence Rossman – O’Connor Woods

Florence Rossman - O'Connor Woods

March 30, 2018

O’Connor Woods resident Florence Rossmann was born on Dec. 6, 1919, in Tracy, California, where she lived until she was 15. “[After that I] moved to Stockton, and I went to St. Mary’s High School for three years, graduated from there in ’38, and really enjoyed St. Mary’s,” Rossmann sa...

Della Richardson – O’Connor Woods

Della Richardson - O'Connor Woods

March 30, 2018

O'Connor Woods resident Della Richardson was born on Nov. 15, 1942.  She grew up as a migrant farm worker for the first 25 years of her life. She went to a total of 12 different high schools, traveling from places like Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.  It was a life of constant change, making it...

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