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Strange Addictions #3

David Yang, Entertainment Editor

March 9, 2017

Everyone has addictions. Some are normal while others… are not. When an individual hears the word addiction, an image that may come to mind may be of a drug addict or junkee who cannot overcome the desire to consume harmful substances. However, not all addictions are dangerous. In fact, many...

Strange Addictions #2

Adannaya Binder, Staff Writer

February 16, 2017

Naomi Rougeau, Senior Breakfast Pizza with hot cheetos Hot cheetos with tacos Hot cheetos with burrito Isaiah Franklin, Sophomore Ketchup and pancakes I’m obsessed with sports, mainly football Cake, Cupcakes, anything sweet Mustard on french fries Trinity Mitchell, Sophomore Smell of comet CHee...

Strange Addictions #1

Emma Snyder, Staff Writer

February 1, 2017

Like the TV show “My Strange Addictions”, readers of this article would be surprised by the weird things people love. Some strange addictions are dangerous, some are funny, and some are really just so strange that you can’t wrap your head around. The official definition of addiction according...

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Strange Addictions