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Student athletes end year with challenges and successes after COVID-filled season

Dominic Navarro June 7, 2021

Taking weekly COVID tests, cancelling playoff games, choosing between two different sports for dual athletes and having their season prematurely snatched from them due to quarantining are just a few reasons...

Lets play ball!

Let’s play ball!

Dominic Navarro and Benjamin Tran April 16, 2021

After nearly an entire year of postponement, school sports have officially returned in some capacity. From golf to swim to football, many student-athletes hope to salvage their season by participating...

Masks Up: The football team practices social distancing while doing their conditioning exercises on the field.

Athletes and coaches adapt to new rules and timelines

Alex Bussey, Co-Editor-In-Chief November 4, 2020

Senior Robert Queirolo anticipated having one last wrestling season with his team, but Covid-19 has left all athletes unsure of what sports will look like this year.  While a few sports have started conditioning,...

And One!: After being fouled, junior Leila Powers shoots a free-throw in a game against Franklin on January 21. As she shoots, Bear Creek players run toward the hoop to get the rebound. Bear Creek won 56-25.

Girls basketball hopes to live up to the success of last year’s team

Lilly Lim, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2020

In the 2018-2019 winter season, the girls basketball team made history. From seniors Deyliana Lewis and Sarah Ruiz and sophomore Mya Blake each scoring over 1,000 points to the team qualifying...

High school athletes rarely continue to play at the college level

Nathan To, News Editor January 31, 2020

Across the United States, almost eight million high school students participate in school sports programs. The number of student-athletes sharply decreases from high school into college, dropping...

Tokyo Summer Olympics promotes a clean environment and lifestyle

Adan Banks, Sports Editor January 31, 2020

With its position as the most recognizable and most-watched sporting event in the world, this year’s Olympic Games are taking strides to benefit society. By using eco-friendly alternatives for...

Test of Strength: Sophomore Jenessa Serrano (left) grap- ples with an opposing wrestler, successfully gaining the upper hand in a match and leading to a takedown.

Girls wrestling popularity surges

Lilly Lim, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 31, 2020

After a friend's encouragement to join the girls wrestling team, sophomore Jenessa Serrano did not know how much her life was going to change. The sport quickly consumed her life, igniting a passion...

Goalie Ethan McLaughlin leads the nation in saves per game

Goalie Ethan McLaughlin leads the nation in saves per game

Adan Banks, Sports Editor November 15, 2019

Bear Creek’s boy's water polo team played a winning season and once again remained undefeated in the SJAA league this year, completely shutting out teams such as the McNair Eagles. The Bruins’...

College athletes to receive long-overdue pay

Adan Banks, Sports Editor November 15, 2019

College sports is a multi-billion dollar business built on the backs of exceptional athletes who sacrifice their time and their bodies to appeal to fans. While these athletes work and train for...

Varsity football tries to regroup after four disappointing losses to start the season

Michael Thomas, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

The varsity football team not only started its season with four disappointing losses, but suffered injuries of three key players in their game against Tokay (1-3), including linebacker Rex Hermano, quarterback...

Coaches accept athlete body art and tattoos

Eric Evans, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

Tattoos are very popular in professional sports. Some of the best athletes such as Steph Curry, LeBron James, Odell Beckham and many others have tattoos.  Curry has a variety of small tattoos that are...

Planet Fitness opens during summer to teens

Jason Aquino, Staff Writer September 20, 2019

For some teens, summer vacation poses an extended period of lethargy that consists of binge watching Netflix, compulsive eating and playing Fortnite religiously. But for those seeking an active...

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