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Dear Santa: Covid – the gift that just keeps giving
Dear Santa: Covid – the gift that just keeps giving
Merit Onyekwere December 20, 2021

Dear Santa, In all honesty I’m disappointed in you and displeased with your lack of follow-through. Last year, I asked you to get rid of...

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Illustration by Amara Del Prato
Teachers struggle with demands of Distance Learning
Ariel Davila-Sanchez June 7, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic first affected the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 school year, many students felt excited for what they thought would...

Campus supervisor Rodriguez monitors student restrooms while not wearing mask.
Confusing mask requirements after CDC issues new guidelines
Alex Bussey May 28, 2021

As students and staff prepared to return to campus, many wondered if and how social distancing rules would be enforced.  In preparation for...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez
Claiming stress from remote learning, students circulate petition to 'freeze' grades
Eileen Tran April 26, 2021

Last March, students left for spring break unaware that it would be over a year before they’d return to campus. As school districts struggled...

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Illustration by Amara Del Prato
This Is Embarrassing
Benjamin Tran June 1, 2021

Welcome to another completely normal quarter at Bear Creek High School, where absolutely nothing is wrong in the world.  Well, except for the...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez
Big tech needs to stop silencing conservative voices
Holden Lomeli, Guest Writer • February 21, 2021

“Like the date of Dec. 7, the day in 1941 that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Jan. 6 the day American citizens attacked their own Capitol...

Illustration by Ariel Davila-Sanchez
CON: Should students be required to show their faces during distance learning?
Benjamin Tran, Entertainment Editor, Social Media Editor • October 30, 2020
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Among Us: the opening screen of the game shows the players role in the game, and how many imposters are waiting for the chance to strike.
Among Us game experiences rise in popularity over summer
Autumn Kong and Dominic Navarro December 4, 2020

Among Us, the space adventure game where players go about murdering their friends while simultaneously trying to fix the spaceship, has grown...

Rapper Viincent draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller and J. Cole
Rapper Viincent draws inspiration from Bryson Tiller and J. Cole
Grace Gremel, Staff Writer • January 31, 2020

As rap progressively becomes more mainstream due to more people taking a liking to the strong bass and flowing rhythm, many individuals...

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ASB 2020-21 Canned Food Drive
Darcy Altheide
Student athletes end year with challenges and successes after COVID-filled season
Dominic Navarro June 7, 2021

Taking weekly COVID tests, cancelling playoff games, choosing between two different sports for dual athletes and having their season prematurely...

Masks Up: The football team practices social distancing while doing their conditioning exercises on the field.
Athletes and coaches adapt to new rules and timelines
Alex Bussey, Co-Editor-In-Chief • November 4, 2020

Senior Robert Queirolo anticipated having one last wrestling season with his team, but Covid-19 has left all athletes unsure of what sports will...

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